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Herbal Essences Hair Care


what does my new bottle look like?

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locate your original bottle below and see what your new bottle looks like.


why did you change the package?

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we updated our packaging to make it easier for you to find your favorite styling collections! you’ll get the same great performance with a shiny new look.


where can I buy Herbal Essences products?

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you can get all of our products at most major retailers, grocery and drug stores, and online.


can I get a free sample?

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glad to hear you’d like to try our products! Herbal Essences samples may or may not be available at a given time. you can always check the P&G Everyday Solutions website to see whether Herbal or any of our other brands have special offers, including samples. check it out here.


what does your company do to protect the environment?

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P&G is committed to improving our products, packaging and operations both for consumers and the environment. For example, by rethinking raw materials, product design, and formulation, we’ve been able to reduce materials, energy, and post-consumer waste for some of our products. we’re continually researching alternatives for more environmentally improved products and packaging. for more information about what P&G is doing to achieve this, please read more here.


that’s a lot of choices! how do I pick a collection?

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each collection is designed to address particular hair needs, and each collection smells great! so you can select by hair benefits or by scent. a hint: the collections achieve varying levels of conditioning, and you can pick a formula that’s as light or as intense as you’d like. the scale below shows how the collections relate to each other.


can you describe the scents in your styling collections?

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stylers within each collection share the same fragrance as their matching shampoo and conditioner:
- Touchably Smooth stylers: Pink Lily
- Set Me Up stylers: Lily Bliss
- Body Envy stylers: Sunset Citrus
- Totally Twisted: Tropical Mystique
- Tousle Me Softly stylers: Violet Splash


i’ve had bad experiences with sticky hairspray, but I still feel like I need some “hold.” help!

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you don’t have to have a mohawk to benefit from hold, and you don’t always have to choose hairspray. even natural, flowing styles look better when they’re under control
- if you want soft shape, look for a flexible hold with level 2 – try Tousle Me Softly mousse or hairspray.
- for more control, choose extra hold with level 3, such as Totally Twisted curl scrunching gel
- going all out? keep your style in line with max hold level 4
– try Set Me Up aerosol hairspray or Body Envy volumizing hairspray.


can I get coupons online?

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at this time we don’t have coupons to send or print online. but you can find out about newspaper coupons by signing up for Herbal Essences email. these emails will announce new products and give you the latest from the land of luscious. Go


where is my LTR Split End Protector?

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not to worry! you can find your Split End Protector in our Touchably Smooth collection. our formula quenches your strands for smoothness and helps strengthen them against breakage and split ends.


what’s this about an Herbal Essences Facebook page?

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connect with Herbal Essences fans on our Facebook page to find out why your hair will always be at its most luscious. while you’re there, share style secrets, get cocktail creations and test your relationship IQ. of course, if you still want to get in touch with us, we want to hear from you. just drop us a line at 1-800-252-4765.


still have questions?

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give us a call at 1-800-252-4765 or send us an email.
email us

you can also connect with us and other Herbal fans on our Facebook page and get the scoop on our latest products, reviews and styling techniques. go to Facebook